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Black Bottle Brewery

Black Bottle Brewery came to me looking for a logo and identity system. They wanted a brand that was rough, street-art and punk rock influenced. From the original set of grunge style logos we developed the brand across many other mediums - including advertising, print, interactive/digital, packaging and point of sale collateral.

Energy efficiency Advertising

Advertising for energy efficiency programs for utility companies throughout the nation. With each client, we tried to add a little bit more to their standard product incentives by adding a twist of thought provoking wit to the imagery while staying within strict brand standards.

Agricharge and Farm Eco Branding

Brand development for Farm Ecological's three flagship soil products. The galactic and geometric style identity reflects the science behind the products. The brand development included logos, merchandise, packaging and a website.

Pateros Creek Brewing Company

A start-up brewery in Fort Collins, Pateros Creek Brewing Company, originally commissioned me to design their first website We made sure their website reflected their western and historical aesthetic. From the original website, we went on to create identities for each beer including labels, posters and taster cards.

State Bicycle Poster

This colorful poster entry was designed to promote their "Classic" model. I designed the poster with a simple, illustrative and unique view on the fixed gear part of the bike.


Infographics turn boring data into interesting and attention grabbing images for many of my clients. Whenever possible, and also appropriate, I always encourage my clients to use infographics when trying to convey large amounts of numeric or statistic data. In almost all cases, after they have done this, they notice much more response from this form of visual communication.